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Veal Emince

6.75 JOD

Beef Tenderloin With Cappuccino Gravy Sauce, Tomatoes, Capers, Parsley &...

Meat Balls Tomato Sauce (Dawood Basha)

6.25 JOD

Meat Balls Cooked In Tomato Sauce With Onion & Bell...

Beef Fajita

6.75 JOD

Beef Tenderloin, Bell Pepper, Onion, & Roast Tomato Fajita Spices...

Beef Curry Rogan Josh

6.95 JOD

Rogan Josh Style Tendered Beef With Carrots & Potato Infused...

Beef Tacos

6.75 JOD

Ground Beef, tomato, avocado, onions, red peas And Bell Peppers...

Beef with broccoli

6.95 JOD

Slice Beef Tenderloin With Broccoli & Ginger Sauce Cal: 292...

Ribeye Steak 300g

20.00 JOD

Served with cherry tomato, mushrooms, and garlic cal: 870 |...

Tandori Kebab

6.25 JOD

Ground veal beef, onion, parsley, sumac, bell-pepper, chili, tandori spices,...

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