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Baked Fish Harra Style

5.80 JOD

Lebanese flavor topped with coriander olives tomato chili bell pepper...

Grilled Salmon

8.00 JOD

Grilled Salmon Citrus dressing with spinach & potato Cal: 361...

Stir fried Shrimps

7.50 JOD

Welted fresh vegetables with gulf shrimp Cal: 326 | Carb:...

Seafood Curry

6.00 JOD

Variety of mix seafood in mild curry sauce Cal: 320...

Dynamite Shrimp

6.75 JOD

Shrimps, dynamite sauce Cal: 370 | Carb: 12 | Pro:...

Fish with Broccoli

6.50 JOD

Fish fillet, cream, broccoli Cal: 354 | Carb: 7 |...


6.50 JOD

Rice with fish fillet cooked with tomato sauce and fresh...

Salmon Backyard

8.00 JOD

Grilled salmon, creamy white sauce Cal: 498 | Carb: 18...

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