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Pizza vegetarian

5.00 JOD

Mozzarella cheese, tomato sauce and vegetarian Pizza Topping Cal: 881...

Pizza Margherita

5.00 JOD

Tomato sauce, mushroom and mozzarella cheese Cal: 780 | Carb:...

Pizza Chicken Buffalo

6.00 JOD

Buffalo sauce, chicken and mozzarella Cal: 797 | Carb: 93...

Pizza Salami Soured Rocca

6.00 JOD

Italian Salami, mozzarella cheese & sour Rocca salad Cal: 981...

Chicken Crust Pizza

8.00 JOD

Chicken crust with sauce, cheese, and vegetables Cal: 610 |...

Pizza Chicken Dynamite

6.00 JOD

Whole wheat dough, chicken breast, mozzarella cheese, dynamite sauce Cal:...

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