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Peanuts vegetable curry

5.00 JOD

Curry ragout with picked vegetables coconut milk & tossed peanuts...

Creamy Spinach Butter Tuscan Mushrooms

5.50 JOD

Mushroom silky ragout with spinach Cal: 461 | Carb: 27...

Vegetables Quesadilla

5.25 JOD

Sautéed vegetables with cheddar cheese, coriander & Chili with salsa...

Vegan Burger

6.00 JOD

Mushrooms & Starchy vegetables topped with tofu & cilantro Cal:...

Strawberry Pancake

4.00 JOD

Oats Flour, banana, strawberry, cocconut milk Cal: 513 | Carb:73...

Carrots cinnamon pancake

4.25 JOD

Oats Flour, banana, cinnamon, carrots, cocconut milk Cal: 531 |...

Banana Pancake

4.00 JOD

Oats Flour, banana, cocconut milk Cal: 498 | Carb: 70...

Oats With Fruits

4.50 JOD

Oat flakes, seasonal fruits, cocconut milk Cal: 469 | Carb:...

Oats with dried fruits

4.50 JOD

Oat flakes, variety of dried fruits, cocconut milk Cal: 595...

Oats with nuts

4.75 JOD

Oat flakes, nuts, cocconut milk Cal: 814 | Carb: 53...

Farfalle with Zucchini

6.25 JOD

Pasta, Tomato sauce, capers, basil fresh, squash Cal: 330 |...

Penne Arabiata

6.00 JOD

Pasta, Tomato sauce, olives, garlic, olive oil, chili peppers, tomato...

Cauliflower and chickpeas

5.75 JOD

Cauliflower, chickpeas, tomato sauce Cal: 152 | Carb: 19 |...

Aubergine Roll

5.00 JOD

Eggplant, tomato sauce Cal: 89 | Carb: 13 | Pro:...


4.25 JOD

Bamyeh, tomato sauce Cal: 94 | Carb: 10 | Pro:...

Vegetables Fried Rice

4.30 JOD

Rice cooked with carrots, zucchini, sweet chilli, in a chinese...

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